Wednesday, 21 August 2013


       Communication is the major backbone in building intimacy in friendship. Its role cannot be overemphasized. This piece will put you in the know on how to build intimacy in friendship via communication.
      Intimacy results from a detailed knowledge of someone through close association. It is the experience of understanding and being understood by someone who loves you. This consequently leads to functional personal relationship.
      Women get into intimate unions faster than men. For them deep communication results in intimacy, but for men intimacy in communication is sometimes considered a threat to their masculinity. Talking is a natural expression of womanhood. Between the sexes, communication means a different thing. For women, mere talking could validate a relationship or what is being discussed. Men never fix things which seem hazy to them unlike women who feel that a relationship that is worth anything is worth discussing. For women, the more they interact or communicate the more intimate a relationship becomes.
      Everyone has a need to communicate; you should look for the level of communication that allows the most adequate expression of your message. To communicate effectively, you have to meet each other on the same level, communication skills could be leant no matter how you grew up or deficient you may be as a communicator. This skill could be acquired, and it provides you with a friendship or a relationship enough to work.
      Intimacy is not achieved overnight. It develops over a period of time as two relate to each other in an atmosphere of caring and warmth.  It is not the end product of the time and effort given by friends who wants to remain in love with each other for a life time. When friends attain true intimacy through effective communication, their relationship will become the most meaningful and interesting one on earth. Intimacy further results when values, goals, and beliefs are shared through communication.
      Creating and achieving intimacy in your relationship is achievable through communication. It is important to know that intimacy is not built automatically, but it is generated through heartfelt communication over time. When the channel of communication is clear, it leads to understanding, and if unclear, it leads to confusion. As a vital link, it is capable of fastening deep relationships between people, if pursued, developed and maintained.                                                                                                                                      

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