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‘’ The heart that loves is always young’’……Anonymous.
Love is like a muster seed, planted by GOD and watered by man. Most a times, we love; expecting to be loved but the people the love was directed to seem to be uninterested or acted aloof. It pains sometimes, but here are some things to know and do. 

   It hurts when you have someone in your heart, but you can’t have them in your arms, it’s also a great thing of concern to most people when they show some care to the opposite sex, who either showed no interest or returned the gesture with heaps of embarrassment. It hurts most people; it makes some to lose their sense of self-worth and makes others to feel extremely bad. When taken to the extreme by some people, they draw a false conclusion about the opposite sex generally, and may indulge in isolation, building emotional block against the opposite sex.

If you are among the folks that have had such an experience or maybe you may not want to have such a blind alley experience, here are things to know and do.
      Do not feel bad at the negative response of the one you admire, there is definitely a reason they acted aloof, never you be discouraged. Always remember that we all have our ideal kind of person. He/she may have been heart broken by past relationships. Do you really fit into his/ her world? After being rejected or neglected, instead of being discouraged, why not go back and work on yourself. Develop and upgrade yourself. Come to limelight, he/she will come back looking for you. And when they do it might just have been too late, because you must have gotten true love, who loves you for whom you are.
 A friend of mine once said ‘’ All men are looking forward to marrying a beautiful lady, but not all men has what it takes to maintain them (their beauty)’’. To an extent I do agree with her statement. Before asking another for a relationship, what are you bringing into the relationship? Because nobody in our world today deserve to be in a relationship where him/her will be in the losing side. 

Know that what goes around will someday come around to stay around. Don’t mind how he/she treated you in the past; don’t mind the rejections, embarrassments or even humiliations you encountered.  Everything in our world is guided by the principle of timing, at that perfect time, you’ll get the best. The time for you to be lovers may not be now. There is time for everything under the sun: a time to hate, and a time to love; a time to be separate, and a time to come together. Time will tell. Remember, time heals.

It was Stephen Covey who said: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Understand his/her likes and dislikes, values, principles, goals, dreams, visions, and hobbies. You can do this by asking him/her directly, asking their friends will not also be a bad idea, but with caution and tactics. Once you understand things about him/her, and they are in line with yours, go ahead and let him/her know about yours, and how wonderful it would be if both of you work together. If they are however different from your own, detach yourself and move on!!!, Don’t try to change him/her to suit your ideal kind of man/woman because you can never change another person no matter how hard you try, you can only influence them to an extent, but their true personality remains.

Know that friendship is the root of lasting love and happiness, friendship often ends in love but love in friendship never ends. Friendship is a foundation on which true love is built. Make him/her your friend first, if the person you admire is an easy going type of person, they will never refuse your friendship. 

  Never make your intentions known immediately to him/her until this friendship has waxed strong and you’ve known much about him/her, to decide if you can really cope with their personality and character, only then will nature unfold its gifts to you. Friendship just like war is easy to start, and when that love develops from friendship, it will never end, because true love never ends.

Aloofness or rejection sometimes may mean shyness. Don’t quit! Take the risk once again. Risk makes life sweet. All adventures are risky, so embark on that journey again. It is risky to take risks, but riskier not to take risk, ‘’ everything about life is a risk”, take that risk, if you want your love to work for you, you must work for your love. Maybe the reason why you can’t get him/her out of your head or thoughts is that they are supposed to be there, why not work harder to get them into your life and arms.
      After you’ve worked so hard for their acceptance and love, and a YES is still unrealistic, know that he/she doesn’t deserve you, so move on and live your life. He/she is not perfect, you aren’t either and the two of you may never be perfect together.
When you really love someone, you are willing to let them go, and if they come back, then that’s true love, but if they don’t, they don’t deserve you.  Never make him/her your only option, because you can always find another, who may be your true love. You will come in contact with the person that knows your worth; that will love and cherish you. Know that one heart leads to another, but only a heart can be so strong.
 Action and reaction will always be equal and opposite. Act rightly and expect equal and opposite reaction. You’ve asked, you’ve sought, you may have been rejected and embarrassed, but if it’s truly meant to be, he/she will surely come back to you, and when they do, it will be much more perfect than you ever imagined. Do it again and again, and soon you will see him/her coming to you to say: “I LOVE YOU TOO.”………………..

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